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water purification
and desalination

Our proprietary technologies will enable safe drinking and agricultural water access for the developed and developing world.

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4 billion people worldwide suffer from water scarcity

Water stress and scarcity currently affect half of the world’s population and nearly one-third of the world’s largest groundwater systems are already in distress.

Child's hand placed on cracked dry soil representing the problem of water scarcity for over 4 billion people worldwide.
Water demand is expected to accelerate due to population growth, economic development, and global warming. Providing clean water and food is rapidly becoming a major global challenge.
Industrial factory pipe spewing green contaminated water and toxic waste into a river.

64% of the industrialized world’s population has been exposed to contaminated water

This major problem is the result of industrial products and waste that have exposed much of the industrialized world to dangerous toxins. PFAS or “Forever Chemicals” are one major example.

Ionic Technology
IS enabling a sea change
in Clean fresh WATER

water purification
IONIC Water icon with a green flickering gradient representing IONIC's Electrochemical Deionization Technology that removes harmful particles from water.
Electrochemical Deionization Technology graphical representation.
Our novel and Proprietary Solutions utilize a low energy field and safe chemistry to extract salt from seawater and harmful chemicals from contaminated drinking water.
IONIC Water Brand iconFloating and rotating ring of water representing IONIC Water Technologies' magical manipulation of h2o.

To DesalinatioN

The multifaceted problem of global water inadequacy can be solved with cost-effective, low-power, and durable water desalination and purification technology. Today, 1% of the world’s population relies on desalination. The UN predicts that 14% will rely on desalination within the decade.

There are two barriers to widespread adoption:

•  Grid limitations (mitigated with lower power systems)

•  Economic barriers (overcome  through cost reduction)

IONIC Water is scaling up an Enhanced Electrochemical Deionization Technology that resolves the historic shortcomings of prior generations of electrocapacitive deionization – the inability to desalinate seawater to drinking or agricultural water levels and the limited durability and useful life of the materials.

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Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a family of highly toxic fluorinated compounds used in hundreds of everyday consumer products. These chemicals are persistent in the environment and in the human body – meaning they don’t break down easily and they can accumulate over time. There is evidence that exposure to PFAS even in very small concentrations can lead to dangerous health effects.

While some PFAS removal technologies already exist and are in commercial use, they are expensive to build, operate and maintain. IONIC Water Technologies has invented an innovative and safe chemical rinse technology to reduce the operational and capital cost and improve the disposal efficiency of remediating PFAS compounds from water sources and returning them to drinking water levels.

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IONIC Water Brand icon in the center of floating ring of waterFloating and rotating ring of water representing IONIC Water Technologies' magical manipulation of h2o.
Our Mission

IONIC Water Technologies is engaged in developing innovative water purification and desalination technologies that will enable safe drinking and agricultural water access for the developed and developing world.  Addressing natural or industrial sources of water, our technology offers lower cost, less system complexity, smaller footprint systems, that also enable less energy use and sustainable energy sources.


IONIC Water Technologies is a private company headquartered near Trenton, NJ. The Ionic leadership team has deep technology R&D and commercialization experience.  We founded a battery technology company ~15 years ago and brought the technology from lab to scaled manufacturing to a public company with sales to some of the largest global utilities. We founded several other profitable technology and asset development companies over the last 20 years that have either been funded or acquired by major industry players.

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Engineering & Technology Partners

We are currently developing partnerships with engineering firms and technology manufacturers to innovate, commercialize, and empower industry leaders with our proprietary IONIC Water Technologies. Please get in touch with us to learn more about cooperating on our innovative solutions.

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Utilities &
Commercial Partners

We are rapidly engaging with Industry leaders to conduct pilot programs and scale strategic implementations utilizing the Ionic desalination and PFAS systems. Please contact us to cooperate and capitalize on IONIC Water’s innovative technologies.

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& Advisory Partners

IONIC Water Technologies is actively forming strategic alliances to help rapidly scale and commercialize our proprietary technologies. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can advance our innovative technologies and get involved in providing water purification and desalination for millions around the globe.

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